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Isle of Wight Pride Theme Poem

I’ve been commissioned to write the theme poem for the Isle of Wight Pride 2018. I’m going to be there all weekend, and and looking forward to being part of the UK National Pride-winning Pride on this beautiful island.

Stepping into our Destiny.

Moving into the light.

Proud to be L.G.B.T.

Here, on the Isle of Wight.


Remembering our History.

Poets. Artists. Sailors.

Rooted in this island’s rock,

Farmers. Fighters. Tailors.


Celebrating who we are,

Stylish, full of life.

Welcoming Loves diversity

Its harmony and strife


Honoring our Community,

And how our lives can be.

The courage and creativity,

Embedded in L.G.B.T.


On this day we send a message

To our family worldwide.

Be yourself, you’re beautiful!

There is no need to hide


We Are Means Happy

‘Wrecked’ Vaults Art Festival Review

“Wrecked” Vaults Art Festival

Sprawled underground amongst the subterranean vaults alongside Waterloo Station.  The first impression of the Festival does not disappoint.

Nor does the Fever Dream Company whose innovative concept of what and where makes an engaging theatrical experience never ceases to amaze.

I felt genuinely alarmed when we, the six members of the audience were led to the venue for Wrecked…its shocking. There were also quite a few communal sharp intakes of breath during the 45 minutes of the production

Wrecked is an immersive, in your face, site-specific experience. It explores same sex attraction, compelling love and its consequences on innocent lives.

Sam gives an accomplished performance, revealing how, and with who, she got to this place. I found myself sometimes closing my eyes and just going with the recorded narrative.

“Wrecked” runs until 18thMarch.  I recommend it.  Booking essential as the venue seats only six people per show.

‘LA Hook Up’ Review

LA hook up launch party    16.02.2018

It’s rare to attend an event, which has a feel of the start of something special.  Such was the launch of LA hook up.

It is a fantastic venue, in the heart of Queeropolis. Hidden plainly in sight, it boasts a large, stylishly understated room with bar. From its beautiful windows the whole length of Old Compton Street can be seen.

There was a real party vibe in the room, with a glass of bubbly on arrival and a shot of tequila included in the £10 admission price. Guests were encouraged to bring their own tipple with mixers supplied for free.

The atmosphere was a winning combination of friendly and flirtatious, with a varied selection of every type, age and race of lesbian. There was music and a bit of dancing.  Lots of looking and a bit of romancing! The hosts were helpful and unobtrusive, letting everyone just get on with what they’d come to do…meet new women!

It’s a subtle balance managing a new event in a new venue…  This one’s a winner.  The organizers plan to host the event bi-monthly. … Can’t wait for the next one.