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‘The Gateways’ documentary

In partnership with Diva magazine, Queer Britain hosted an online event about the legendary women’s club, The Gateways, and the feature documentary being made about it. From the 1930s to the ‘80s, The Gateways was one of the most important cultural hotspots for lesbians and bisexual women. I was one of the panelists, along with DJ Ritu, and Lucie Warrington and Jacquie Lawrence, director and producer of the Gateways documentary.

You can watch the online event here.

Review: “The Staircase”

How great it is to go to out the theatre again….the Southwark Playhouse, tucked away, behind the Elephant and Castle, buzzes with excitement. Its neon sign beams out a warm welcome to all.

This revival of Charles Dyers play, “The Staircase” (last performed by the RSC in 1966), explores the 20 year relationship between devoted, long suffering Harry ( Paul Rider) and waspish, egocentric Charlie (John Sackville). A relationship blighted by the fact that (until the Sexual offences Act of 1967) homosexuality was illegal.

The play is set in Harry’s barbers shop in which our couple work. They live above the shop with Harry’s arthritic mum.

As the audience enter the auditorium we are immediately transported back to the 60’s by Alex Marker’s crisp, authentic set and evocative music.

Both men are dealing with immediate personal problems: Harry is losing his hair (not a good look then, for a Barber) and Charlie is about to be prosecuted for sitting on a man’s knee in a pub. The lovers bicker and banter throughout the play, their camp repartee  cruel but often amusing.

Director Tricia Thorns deftly draws out the underlying shame and stigma that homosexuals like Harry and Charlie experienced during this era and the impact it had on their relationships, Harry and Charlie’s being underpinned by bitterness, self-disgust and denial.

It felt strange to laugh out loud at the hilarious comments the couple  exchanged, whilst feeling simultaneously saddened by the unfairness of their life experience. The (socially distanced) audience was totally immersed in this comedic tragedy. I chatted with some older men in the interval who had lived through similar experiences in their own lives. “The Staircase” is a salutary reminder of our recent history. Not to be missed!

The Staircase runs at the Southwark Playhouse until 17 July.

BBC Radio Lancashire

I was on BBC Radio Lancashire on 12th March 2021, responding to current news items, including

  • Women’s safety on the streets and the lack of a woman’s voice in politics
  • Lack of diversity within the system
  • Covid

You can find the recording here.

The National Health Service

It is at our beginning, and at our end.

It delivers us from suffering and pain.

Reassure us when we’re frail and frightened,

We trust it to make us well again.


Staff work long hours for low wages.

Because they are people who care.

They know the importance of kindness,

Of knowledge; experience, of just being there.


The N. H. S. is underfunded,

But it mustn’t give up the fight.

It’s the jewel in the crown of our kingdom,

The thing that is just, and good, and right.


It’s always there when we need it,

Prioritizing each individual’s health.

We must not allow this service to falter,

Or be stolen by political stealth.


So thank you to the nurses,

The doctors, the staff and volunteers

Who make our world a better place

May your legacy continue for many more years.