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Choices – National Poetry Day 2021

Let’s rejoice in choice

Don’t wait another day           

Life is ours for the taking

So choose, what you do, or say


Just choose to be yourself

Whoever that might be.

Its okay to be different…

Let’s accept and enjoy diversity


Education gives us choices

To do what we want to do

Helps us fulfil our potential

At the beginning, or starting anew


Choices are empowering

Don’t just drift along

If something doesn’t feel right

Speak out. Stand up. Be strong.


At Imperial College Healthcare,

We are proud of the work we do

For the L.G.B.T.I.N. community.

It’s a balance, of old and new.


Our gender-reassignment clinic,

Makes positive changes to difficult lives.

Enables our clients to be authentic,

To fulfil their potential, and thrive.


Day in day out, from birth to death,

We offer expertise and care.

We strive for excellence in our practice,

Are always ready, always there.


Our HIV clinic offers visitors hope,

Of a life that is healthy and long.

With effective treatment and education,

They become confident and strong.


We give kindness and compassion,

To the needy, sick and frail.

Whatever your gender, race or religion,

Our hospitals do not fail.


So let us Celebrate our Trust today,

It’s aspiration and commitments,

To a service that empowers and enables,

Its staff, volunteers and patients.

Giving Gives Back

Recently I’ve penned a poem for the Small Charities Coalition, as part of the #LondonGivesBack Campaign to encourage Londoners to make regular donations to help keep small charities. You can see the film of the poem by Neck of the Woods films here

It’s not easy to think of others

When your whole world feels under attack.

But being generous is empowering –

Giving, gives back.


We’re all learning a new way of living,

We don’t want to be misunderstood.

Kindness and compassion has its own rewards,

Giving makes us feel good.


We pick up the pieces of broken lives

Gently put them back in place.

We are the voice of the unseen and unheard

Of every age and race.


We restore confidence and self esteem,

To the traumatised girl and boy

With care and support and friendship,

We re-introduce them to joy.


Our charities must keep on working

It’s imperative that they do.

Whether or not that is possible

Depends on me and you.


Nows the time to give back to society

When things are really tough.

Your money will make a big difference

To those who haven’t got enough


We are strong, we are resilient.

We are the can do, the will do.

We can make our society better…

Compassionate and true.


Help us shape the future,

Support the work we do

Together we can make a change…

It’s up to you.


London is a thriving city

Community is at its very heart

It embraces our dramas and our dreams

Its here for us to take part