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Now is the time to remember.

To remember the beauty and innocence of love,

To remember to nurture and protect it.


Now is not the time for silence.

For sitting on the fence, being invisible.

Remember, we deserve to love and be loved.


It’s time to stand up for justice.

Shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, heart to heart.

For our community and ourselves.


Remembering those brothers and sisters,

Whose senseless torture and killing, pushed us past

The acceptance of hate crime against us.


Let us not continue to be beaten.

Verbally abused, discriminated against, or murdered

Because of the special love we share.


Now is the time to remember

That we can address prejudice, bullying and hatred.

That we can make a real difference


Let us not forget that love.

Nourishes and restores us, makes us strong,

That our love will triumph over hatred.

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