At Imperial College Healthcare,

We are proud of the work we do

For the L.G.B.T.I.N. community.

It’s a balance, of old and new.


Our gender-reassignment clinic,

Makes positive changes to difficult lives.

Enables our clients to be authentic,

To fulfil their potential, and thrive.


Day in day out, from birth to death,

We offer expertise and care.

We strive for excellence in our practice,

Are always ready, always there.


Our HIV clinic offers visitors hope,

Of a life that is healthy and long.

With effective treatment and education,

They become confident and strong.


We give kindness and compassion,

To the needy, sick and frail.

Whatever your gender, race or religion,

Our hospitals do not fail.


So let us Celebrate our Trust today,

It’s aspiration and commitments,

To a service that empowers and enables,

Its staff, volunteers and patients.

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