It’s Spring

Wake up from winter’s slumber

That slothful, cosy lie-abed.

Hear that persistent shout

It’s spring, it’s coming out.


The days are stretching, yawning

Expanding in the warming air

There’s a feeling of expectancy…

It’s Spring, it’s nearly there


Feeling impatient, a troublesome tickle?

A turning up of the senses

With frisky on high?

It’s Spring it’s nigh


Buds are joyfully bursting

Leaves spring from somnolent bough

Bulbs are thrusting skywards

It’s Spring, it’s coming now


Step up, and out, and look about.

It’s mix and match and mate

Succumb and follow Natures cue

Spring doesn’t hesitate


Every creatures getting lively

Birds are preening, singing, dancing

Bees are buzzing and romancing

Spring is playful, Spring is prancing


Now’s the time to rise and shine

Don your glad rags, bad shoes, big smile

Strut your stuff, be spontaneous

Cos Spring has style

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