Kisses can have Consequences

Kisses can have consequences.

Even those, secret snatched ones

In the back of someone’s car, or cupboard.

That no-one else saw


Kisses do in fact count.

Including those wet, half biting ones

That fill your mouth with saliva…

That you’d like to forget


Or the ones, with someone’s

Girlfriend, wife or maiden aunt.

Whilst drunk, and alone,

And provoked, at a party


Kisses can have consequences

Even if you have to wait 10 years

To reap the reward

Of their success or failure


Sometimes there’s no respite

From the jaw aching

Gut and heart wrenching

Memory of them


No amount of concentration

Self control, denial or willpower

Diminishes the ramification

Of that particular kiss


Kisses can bury down,

Deep into your subconscious.

Nestle in the marrow of your bones

Become more you, than you are


Kisses can be poetry of breath.

Ambrosia of the Gods.

Better than sex, or the start

Of the best sex you have ever had


Kisses can have Consequences.

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