Is it Spring? Or is it not?

First it’s too cold and then too hot.

Then it’s too windy, then it’s too wet.

Suffice it to say my cashmeres aren’t off yet.


March is a mad month.

It’s the season of pull and push.

It warns us that winter isn’t yet past,

And spring is in no rush.


March is a capricious month

It’s a promise and a tease

It revs us up, then calms us down

It does just as it pleases


March can be a flirtatious month

It asks, “Are we ready and waiting?”

To respond to Mother Nature’s call

Of relating, dating and mating


Is it Spring or is it not?

I’m feeling frisky rather a lot

I’m wanting to be out and about

Spring is calling…Come out, come out!

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