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Seaside Pride

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Sung to “I do like to be beside the seaside”


Oh! I love to be Gay beside the seaside,

It’s so great being Gay beside the sea.

Yes I do like to mince along the Prom, Prom Prom,

Holding my girlfriends hand



It’s so nice to be gay beside the seaside,

To see L.G.B.T’s beside the sea,

And there’s lots of Dykes beside

I should like to be beside,

Beside the seaside, beside the sea.


I’m so proud to be Gay beside the seaside

It’s so Fab being Gay astride the sea

Just the thought of having all that sea, sand, sex.

Makes me feel quite Queer

You can imagine the rest!


It’s our day to be Gay beside the seaside

Gender Benders abound beside the sea

If you take a look around

Something special can be found

A friend or lover, you and me.


Pop up LGBT  Poetry of Passion and Politics

Lets not forget Passion.

Its easy to forget as we trudge to work braced for the scrum on the underground, that there is more to life than work.

Fed up with covering your ears against the rants of the religious?         Fed up with politics being so serious?

Today there will be a happy,  humourus alternative!

I’ll be doing pop up LGBT poetry performances outside Covent Garden and Holborn tube during the rush hours today to Celebrate National Poetry Day.

I hope to raise a smile!