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Bisexual Visibility Month

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Celebrating Bi Visibility on the day on the rooftop of Camden Town Hall!

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Performed at Incite @The Phoenix in September 2016

Do or die, laugh or cry, why not?

Gay or Bi, bold or shy, let’s not

Pretend we haven’t been there.

Or tell ourselves we aren’t aware.


Let’s not judge, just because we,

Haven’t experienced the possibility.

Let’s put our prejudice aside

Be Gay or Bi, no need to hide.


September is the month that we

Celebrate Bisexuality.

It’s pretty cool to be that way,

Open to love, both Straight and Gay.


And who the hell are we to say

It’s wrong to be able to feel that way?

Don’t we hate it when people say

That it’s not natural to be Trans or Gay.


So let’s embrace the joy that we

Can share together, of being free.

Instead of a wall let’s have a door,

Instead of less, let’s have more.


It’s love that makes the world rotate,

Let’s support each other, not hesitate.

Let’s make the world a better place,

For Bisexuals of every, age and race.

INCITE@The Phoenix

Monthly LGBT Poetry evening, in an iconic West End venue. Feeling Frisky? Celebrate Spring  at INCITE@The Phoenix.

I host and perform my work at this longstanding LGBT social highlight.  Its held at an exclusive theatrical members club just off Charing Cross Road. It celebrates poetry as diverse as our community is. Its a cultural/social event with a flirty vibe!

Free Club membership for the night. Excellent food and drinks served in the club. Friendly theatrical ambiance.

As well as performing my own poetry, I have two invited guest poets each month.

March Guest Poets:

Annabel Pribelszinki: Comedic verse about a “Modern day Lezza”

Marcus Reeves: Man behind the mask revealed in poetry and music.

Plus our popular open mike section after the interval.

Entry is free, but there is a collection for the artists.


INCITE@The Phoenix.

Free LGBT poetry evening in an iconic theatrical venue.

Come along and enjoy Mad March at INCITE@The Phoenix. I’ll be hosting with special Guest Poets:

SOPHIA BLACKWELL: Stylish Sophisticated, Verse with Verve.

DOMINIC BERRY:  Manchesters Queer Vegan entertains.

Plus our regular, popular open-mike spot.

Good Poetry. Good Food and Drink. Good Company.