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We are what we are,

Or are not.                                                                                                                            We are fluid as air and water…                                                                                        Elastic.

We can be one way,                                                                                            Then another.                                                                                                             Grow into ourselves over time…                                                                                  Expand.

We are shape-shifters,                                                                                                   Dream catchers.                                                                                                        People who take risks…                                                                                                   Courageous.

We are you, we are me                                                                                                         We are us,                                                                                                                        Bound together by hope,                                                                                                     And understanding.




Who are you to say to me?

“I know all about your sexuality”

Just because of things you’ve read

You think you can see inside my head


This attitude just makes me rage

I’m not just a statistic on a page

In your little box I do not fit

Binary sexuality? I don’t give a shit


Don’t you see? It’s much too tight

Society’s expectations just aren’t right

Let’s push the boundaries, make them wide

Then no one needs to feel frightened or hide


You want to know what’s real for me?

Being an individual, being free.

Choosing who and how I am

Exploring the spectrum of woman and man


I’d just like to say to you

That I’m the one who knows what’s true

The important thing is respect and caring

When heart and mind and body sharing