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Performing on SkyTV! Watch the video of my performance for my triptych with Three Flying Piglets here, and my performance for Behind the Mask here.


I’m your brother and sister,

I’m both Mrs and Mister,

I am Gay, Bi and Transsexual,

I am… myself.


I’m your father and mother,

Husband, auntie, friend and lover,

I’m different…and the same,

I am your family.


I’m black, white, pink… every hue,

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist… Jew,

Skinhead, Goth, Punk, New Romantic,

I am me. I am you.


I’m your district nurse, your teacher,

The boy and girl next door,

Someone in the street,

I am your neighbour.


I’m no better than you, or no worse,

No richer, poorer, blessed or cursed,

Just part of the same Gravitational Wave,

As you are.