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Do you remember the Wilderness Years?

The years between 18 and 25.

The years of hope and longing,

When everything was new.


Do you remember the worry?

Of being excluded, of not fitting in?

Of not being, in some way

A bona – fida member of LQBT Gay.


Do you remember feeling overwhelmed?

Being tossed about in life’s jet stream,

Bewildered by, what the fuck,

Or who, was going on?


Do you remember those lost years?

The sex, the drink, the drugs, the clubs

So many new faces, new places

Some good, some bad, some ugly.


Those who can remember it,

Have passed through it.

Those who can remember it,

Have survived it. Some don’t.


18 to 25 .The highest statistic

Of disenchantment and depression

Of death by suicide or misadventure

Within our community.


It doesn’t have to be that way

Those can be happy care-free years

Celebrating all that is great, good & gay.

Supported by love and wisdom.


Let us light a beacon in our hearts,

To guide those young men and women

The sons & daughters, the next generation,

Who now navigate, The Wilderness years.

INCITE@The Phoenix


Experience the very best LGBT Poets and performance Artists at this iconic theatrical members club in WC2. Showcasing Poetry as diverse as our community is.

“Lets be Merry, lets be Gay, come to the Phoenix and Celebrate May”

I have been hosting and performing my poetry at this event for three years.  It goes from strength to strength.  Its  a social/cultural evening with a flirty vibe.

My Guest Poets this month are:

ROD TAME: Playful and engaging, with a dollop of the profound.

TARA FLEUR: Woman of Bones.  Powerful unflinching verse

Plus open mike. Free event with donation requested.

Free membership to the club for the evening. Serves excellent food and drinks.


Performing on SkyTV! Watch the video of my performance for my triptych with Three Flying Piglets here, and my performance for Behind the Mask here.


I’m your brother and sister,

I’m both Mrs and Mister,

I am Gay, Bi and Transsexual,

I am… myself.


I’m your father and mother,

Husband, auntie, friend and lover,

I’m different…and the same,

I am your family.


I’m black, white, pink… every hue,

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist… Jew,

Skinhead, Goth, Punk, New Romantic,

I am me. I am you.


I’m your district nurse, your teacher,

The boy and girl next door,

Someone in the street,

I am your neighbour.


I’m no better than you, or no worse,

No richer, poorer, blessed or cursed,

Just part of the same Gravitational Wave,

As you are.

Save The Black Cap

I was asked to write this poem as a protest of the closure of The Black Cap, a very famous Drag Pub, in Camden.  During a period when many Gay Clubs and Venues were being closed down.

[yt4wp-video video_id=”m6Dh-F1FJOs”]

Performing this poem at Incite@The Phoenix in Oct 2016

This place is more than just a pub,

It’s our history, our style, our own special club.

A place to chat, to drink, to dance.

Encourage friendship, love and romance.


It isn’t fair. It isn’t right,

To banish us into the night.

We need to see a friendly face,

Save The Black Cap. It’s our place.

Here we raised the roof with joy,

As boy became girl and girl became boy.

Drenched the floor with booze and tears

Celebrated who we were, without any fears.


It isn’t fair. It isn’t right,

To banish us into the night.

We need to see a friendly face,

Save The Black Cap, it’s our place.


So what becomes of this place that we

Imprinted with the map of LGBT?

It would be a great shame indeed,

If it’s snatched away by developers greed.


It isn’t fair. It isn’t right,

To banish us into the night.

We need to see a friendly face,

Save The Black Cap, it’s our place.