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‘LOVE HAPPENS HERE’ London Pride theme poem 2017

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Love happens here.

In family, L.G.B.T.

In our relationships far and near.

It’s the heart of us and we.


Love can be enough,

In sunshine or in showers.

When the going gets tough,

It’s Love that empowers.


Love is our Diversity,

It’s the best that we can be.

It’s the Talent and Creativity,

Within our Community.


Love is you and me.

We show it in a smile,

In our Endeavor and Tenacity,

In our ‘Fabulosa’ Style.

                   Yes, Love happens here.

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Poem for London Pride

Watch me perform this at London Pride 2016!

Let’s Celebrate this day,

Be proud of who we are.

Dazzling in diversity.

Here from near and far.


Just look around and see

It’s Love that sets us free.

We’re every colour, creed and style

L. G. B. I. T.


Our hearts are open wide

There is no need to hide.

Embraced by our community

Being who we want to be.


So here at London Pride

With friends on every side.

Let’s dance and sing and shout,

We’re Queer, we’re Proud, we’re Out.



For London Pride 2016; performed also at ’60 Years a Queen’

We are the voice of Love

That dares to speak its name.

We will not, can not be silenced.

We are… # No Filter


We are a wave of Love

That ripples around the world.

We’re every creed, colour and religion.

We are… # No Filter.


We are a beacon of Love

Dazzling in our style and diversity.

We’re trendsetters, go-getters, creatives.

We are… # No Filter.


We are the spectrum of Love

Shape-shifters, Gender-benders, fluid.

We’re dreamers, magicians, groundbreakers.

We are…. # No Filter.


We are a celebration of Love

People who hang on to hope.

We’re L.G.B.T.Q. The real deal.

We are… # No Filter.