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London Olympics 2012 – “Going for Gold”

I wrote this for the London Olympics, and it was also filmed by the BBC and used as a trailer in the run up to the Games!


This is a poem about a place


About the people who live in it.

This is a poem about pride and passion.


Ours is a landscape of sea, saltmarsh and open sky.

We harvest the land and sea, as did our forbears,

Sailors, sea captains, pirates, adventurers,

Our history is soil-and salt-coated.


We understand teamwork – hard work,

Tenacity and endeavour,

We are singers of sea shanties, dreamers,

Athletes of life.


We will be listening to the London Olympics,

As we patiently wait for the tide to turn.

As we proudly dress our Norfolk crabs.

Hearing you struggle to be the best.


We will be watching the London Olympics,

On television, at home and in the pub.

Watching you push yourselves to the limit

For yourself, for Britain, for us…


Going For Gold!