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National Trust’s LGBT Poetry Weekend

Lesbians. Suffragettes. Dramatists.

On the 10th and 11th June,  3:00 – 4:30pm, I’ll be doing a show at Smallhythe Place, Kent to  celebrate LGBT history! Through poetry and prose, I will be exploring the extraordinary and unconventional lives and relationships of a group of women known as the Smallhythe Trio:

Edith Craig. Chris St John and Clare Atwood.

Drawing on Smallhythe’s unique archival material.  Employing poetry of the period and my own poetry, I will illuminate the similar and contrasting experiences of women’s lives then and now. Compare the lives and perspective of these extraordinary three women with that of their contemporary lesbian counterparts.

Poetry about Justice. Equality and Love. Oh… and sex!

Edith (Edy) Craig, was the daughter of the famous actress Ellen Terry, who owned Smallhythe Place.  After her mothers death Edy made the house into a museum of her mothers life. She also restored the old barn in the garden and turned it into a performance space.

Edy actually lived just Smallhythe Trio leafletup the road  with her two female lovers in Priests House. Together they wrote and produced plays for the Suffrage movement.

Radclyffe Hall, Una Troubridge, Vita Sackville-West, Ethel Smythe, Virginia Woolf  lived nearby, and were regular visitors.

See also the National Trust website