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Hatred Hurts Us All

In this week across our nation

We stand united in our call.

“There is no place for hatred.”

Because hatred hurts us all.


Whatever your ability or religion

Sexuality, colour of skin

This battle against hate crime

Is one we have to win.


Let’s educate the ignorant.

Dispel prejudice and fear.

Promote that Love is a human right,

Be open and be clear.


We can make a difference,

By what we do and say,

Against the intolerance and injustice,

Some people suffer every day


It’s okay to be different,

Lets honour who we are.

Make our world a safer place,

For all of us, near and far.

No to Hate Crime @ St Pauls Cathedral

This is the launch of the UK’s “No To Hate Crime” week.  Which is a National event that  will be happening simultaneously all over the UK.

St Paul’s Cathedral is hosting the event

This year the focus is on The Orlando Massacre which happened earlier in the year.  It will also be highlighting the  members of the LGBT community who were injured or killed  because of their sexuality.

This will be a poignant and moving event held in one of the Capitals most beautiful iconic buildings.

Members of every faith or non faith will be welcome.

I will be performing my poem “Response to Orlando”

National Hate Crime Awareness Week

I have written and will be performing the theme poem for the launch of National Hate Crime Awareness Week (#‎NHCAW) at St Paul’s Cathedral.

This event was organised by Stop Hate UK” and will commence at 6pm in the Cathedral.

As we light the National Candle of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by the attack on Pulse Nightclub, Orlando. The focus this year will be remembering all those we lost, and those affected by these awful attacks on our communities

National Hate Crime Awareness Week

This project is part of an ongoing theme that I want to develop throughout my three year tenure as LGBT Poet Laureate.

“Poetry as a means to Power Social & Cultural Change”

I wrote the poem for National Hate Crime Awareness Week. (#NHCAW) organised by Stop Hate Crime UK.20161008_173224

I performed it at the launch of this National Campaign on the 8th October at St Paul’s Cathedral, when the National Candle of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by the attack on Pulse nightclub in Orlando was lit. The focus this year was on remembering all those we lost and those affected by that and other awful attacks on our communities.


17-24-30 also put up my poem, Response to Orlando, on their website


Hatred Hurts Us All.