British Library Recordings

On 9th December, the British Library invited me to record my poetry for posterity, as the inaugural LGBT Poet Laureate. The interview and my poems should be available for free listening at the library, and here is a video of one of my performances:

[yt4wp-video video_id=”l1C3bmnuc3E”]

Come Camping

The theme tune to Camp Confidential

[yt4wp-video video_id=”EhMvtepWWJc”]

Are you feeling low

Had a bit of a blow

From some so and so

Come Camping


Are you feeling sad

Is life really bad

We can make you glad

Come Camping!


Are you sick and fed up

Of being given the brush

Of life being such a rush


Relax and let go

Just go with the flow

Regain your Mojo

Come Camping

Poem for London Pride

Watch me perform this at London Pride 2016!

Let’s Celebrate this day,

Be proud of who we are.

Dazzling in diversity.

Here from near and far.


Just look around and see

It’s Love that sets us free.

We’re every colour, creed and style

L. G. B. I. T.


Our hearts are open wide

There is no need to hide.

Embraced by our community

Being who we want to be.


So here at London Pride

With friends on every side.

Let’s dance and sing and shout,

We’re Queer, we’re Proud, we’re Out.