Woman and Wife

My name was Anne Hathaway, a maiden like no other,

Acting as a mother to my father and my brother.

I fell in love with a younger man and gladly took his name,

Mrs. Shakespeare is a name of fortitude and fame.


My husband is a playwright a poet and a wit.

It takes him far away from home, but I don’t mind a bit.

In London he makes the fortune that facilitates our life,

Then he rides 3 days to visit his devoted, waiting wife.


I am mistress of our beautiful home, and run it as I will,

I order this and purchase that, my husband pays the bill.

I care not that he is not the most attentive, ardent lover.

His affection shows in his support, of our children and my brother.


Yes, I am a dutiful daughter, mother, friend and wife.

I don’t burden my dear husband with petulance or strife.

It is unseemly for a woman to disobey a man,

Though this can be a challenge, I do the best I can


William wanted Anne Hathaway to be his wedded wife,

And I became the wife my husband needed in his life.

His London life is different, dramatic, fancy-free.

But when his work is over, he will return to me.

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